Out of Province Inspections & Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Excel Repair’s Out of Province Inspections and Commercial Vehicle Inspections in Red Deer

It’s not only important to ensure your vehicle is up to provincial operating standards, but it’s also vital for your safety. So Excel Repair has Journeyman technicians who are licensed by the Alberta Transportation Vehicle Inspection Program. We are certified to ensure private vehicles meets provincial guidelines and commercial vehicles are safe for the road.

Out of Province Inspections

Any vehicle that you bring into the province, whether it has been shipped in from out of the country or it is coming from another province, as an existing or new resident of Alberta, you will need an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection.

Your vehicle must pass this inspection within 90 days of your becoming a resident of Alberta to be registered in the province. This is a multipoint inspection that checks for safety and mechanical fitness based on provincial standards.

Here are the Steps to Take:

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Commercial Vehicle Inspections

The law requires any commercial vehicle to have a safety inspection every year. This is on top of the monthly and annual maintenance programs required to operate the vehicle.

We have fully licensed and insured Journeyman mechanics to provide thorough inspections so you can:

  • Remain within the law and avoid costly violations
  • Keep your carrier profile clean
  • Have safe vehicle on the road
  • Find issues before they become a problem

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