About US

Who We Are

At Excel we set out to be the finest auto, trailer and equipment repair shop in the Red Deer area. We have a Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician and a Journeyman Automotive Service Technician at your fingertips.  Whether your unit is old or new, we have the finest mechanics standing by to fix any problem you may have.

  • We are fully insured and are able to provide drop off and pickup. 
  • 24 hour call outs available as requested.  
  • Excel has reasonable rates.
  • Ability to maintain a wide variety of equipment from chainsaws to excavators including automotive and heavy duty trucks.

With experience comes efficiency and with efficiency comes cost savings.

Meet The Team

Karl and Bob opened Excel Repair because of their love of figuring out how things work and grew into a full time job that they can now share with the Red Deer area.  Using many years of experience in all avenues of service they bring knowledge and passion together to all their clients.

Resourcefulness and critical thinking have broadened their scope over the years and has given the company the ability to get nearly any job done.  Excel’s troubleshooting and diagnosis will save clients time and money allowing for increased uptime for everyone.

Karl Christians

Karl grew up on a mixed farm just outside of Stettler, AB.  Raising cattle and running equipment was something that had to be done.  From an early age fixing and maintaining equipment was a passion that needed to be followed. 

Karl became a Journeyman Automotive Technician in Alberta in December of 1979.  Karl worked in dealerships for 10 years before going back to work on or in equipment for the next 30+ years. 

With this experience with operation and maintenance of equipment of all types for many years you learn a lot about how they all work and how important maintenance really is.  

Today he is a Grampa of 8 grandchildren and enjoys spending time with his wife Brenda and their herd of cats on his days off.

Bob Christians

Bob grew up on a small town farm in Central Alberta – working on the farm and maintaining equipment was part of an everyday thing.  He really enjoyed the operation and fixing and so decided to follow it through.

Bob worked in the oilfield in Alberta for the last 20+ years and has held senior management positions in fleet and operations management.  These roles fit him well until he started his own company and built his own fleet of equipment.

Upkeep and maintenance is very important to Bob and it shows in how Excel does business.

Bob has a great family with Skye and his four kids -Brady, Cassandra, Danika and Elaina.

Bob is a Journeyman Heavy Duty Tech. Safety and reliability are very important to him as he has some of his own kids on the road and he wants to put that same effort into protecting you and your vehicles.